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GasTrailer Contractor 110 Manual

The Contractor 110 Manual provides refueling operators a simple solution on a well designed platform. By pairing this model with a dual flow hand pump, no battery or electrical components are needed which makes it a very easy piece of equipment to use and maintain. In addition to the Contractor Manual being simple to operate, [...]

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GasTrailer Contractor 110 Deluxe

The Contractor 110 Deluxe is a portable gas station on wheels. Equipped with a fast flowing 15 GPM electric pump and an automatic shutoff nozzle, when the pump is running, fuel flows at a rate nearly twice that of most gas station pumps which allows for quick and efficient refueling operations. In addition to the [...]

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GasTrailer Economy 110 Refueler

The Economy 110 Refueler is designed to provide operators a simple, solid, and reliable fueling platform. It’s commercial strength steel frame, paired with it’s torsion axle suspension, ensures a smooth tow with vehicles of all sizes. On top of that, it’s well fabricated aluminum tank is internally baffled and secured to the frame for reliable [...]

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GasTrailer Economy 110 Electric

Built off of the Economy 110 Refueler’s pump-ready platform, the Economy Electric is equipped with additional components and upgrades. As the name suggests, it includes an electric pump that discharges at a rate of 15 gallons per minute. This is nearly twice as fast as the flow at most gas stations. Not only can operators [...]

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GasTrailer Fuel Station 110 Manual

The Fuel Station 110 Manual is a perfect fueling solution for use at construction sites, behind your shop, on the farm, or just about anywhere gasoline or diesel is needed. The fork truck movable pallet system that makes up the core of this model allows it to be easily transported wherever you need it. When [...]

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GasTrailer Generator 110 Pro

The Generator 110 Pro is a powerhouse that provides both liquid fuel and electricity on a single, portable platform. Designed for both commercial and individual operators, it is equipped with a 10,000 watt professional grade generator and a 110 gallon aluminum fuel tank. These key components, along with its electric pump, allow you to not [...]

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GasTrailer Pro 110 Industrial

The Pro 110 Industrial is the only gas trailer choice for operators who want an easy refueling solution on a professional grade platform. In either individual or commercial environments, the top of the line components and superior fabrication that make up the Industrial will provide many years of dependable service. Packed with a 25′ hose [...]

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GasTrailer Pro 110 Industrial FTS

Built off of the original Pro 110 Industrial model’s commercial grade platform, the Pro FTS packs additional components and upgrades that are geared towards professional operators. Its industrial design and easy to use refueling tools will provide years of service in both individual and business environments. In addition to a fully functioning fuel trailer, the [...]

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Gas Trailer Traveler 20 Manual

The Traveler 20 Manual is built for the open road. Whether you’re driving around town or on a cross-country, this state of the art unit provides freedom from fuel supply and storage space concerns. The 20 gallon fuel tank carries the perfect amount of gas to keep you driving far and beyond the limits of [...]

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2012 Aluma MC10 NAT025

Was $2,056 Now $1,388 Model: MC10 Weight: 390# Bed Size: 51″ x 138″ Tires: 13″ • 1-2000# Rubber torsion axle – No brakes – Easy lube hubs • ST175/80R13 LRC Carlisle rad trail (1360# cap/tire) • Phantom aluminum wheels, 5-4.5 BHP • Aluminum fenders with vinyl gravel guard • Extruded aluminum floor • 4) Tie-down [...]

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