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New 2006 Johnson 175HP Outboard 25″ 2-Stroke NJM720Starting at $8,988

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For more info text “NJM720″ to 715 513 6457

Engine Specifications

Displacement – 158 cu. in. (2589 cc)
Engine Type – Two-Cycle, 60° V, 6 Cylinder Loop-Charged
Full Throttle Operating Range – 4500 to 5500 RPM
Idle RPM in Gear – 650 ± 5
Fuel Requirements – 87 Pump Posted AKI (90 RON)
Oil – Supplied by oil injection system
Warning Signals – Engine Overheat, Low Oil, No Oil, Fuel Restriction
Ignition Features – QuikStart™ and S.L.O.W.™
Battery, Minimum – 500 CCA (620 MCA) OR 60 amp-hour, 12 volt
Fuel Filter – P/N 433190
Alternator – 35-Amp, Fully Regulated
Pwr. Trim/Tilt – Fluid Capacity – 21 fl. oz. (622 ml)

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